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When Fireworks Light up...

People Stay Stand and Look up.

Flower images rising in the sky with powerful colors. Romantic gold images with weeping willows or comet bombs that create a colorful tail and finally unfold a colorful bouquet in the sky. Kamuro and brocade bombs the guaranteed Ahh and Ohh effect.

Paket (M)

Duration approx. 6 minutes, fireworks batteries and bombs, mostly single shots, climbing heights up to approx. 75 meters

Paket (L)

Duration approx. 10-12 minutes, fireworks batteries, Roman lights and bombs, double & triple shots fired at ever shorter intervals. Climbing heights up to approx. 150 meters.

Paket (XL)

Duration approx. 15 minutes, fireworks batteries, Roman lights and bombs, triple & quadruple firings in 2-3 formation. Staggered climbing heights up to approx. 250 meters.

Fireworks Move Many Emotions

Your Advantages

The following applies to all fireworks listed here:


It is a category 4 (large fireworks) fireworks display planned and constructed by a certified and state-recognized pyrotechnician and is burned down.

The fireworks are particularly suitable for folk and city festivals.


The proper procedure includes the prior inspection of the burning site, which is also carried out by the pyrotechnician and is already included in the price.

You too can benefit from our 20 years of practice.
We would also be happy to make you an individual offer.


Wedding Fireworks

We Set Your Hearts On Fire

A romantic baroque fireworks display with Bengali lighting, sparking volcanoes and rotating suns. Emotion-triggering burning hearts, followed by spectacular fireworks. Accompanied by fascinating music, our wedding fireworks will be the highlight of your celebration.


We will burn a selection of the most beautiful Category II fireworks batteries that you can normally burn on New Year's Eve for you. Our cheapest offer with all the advantages for you.


Classic brilliant fireworks display consisting of colorful fireworks effects and a finale of bouquet bombs with a loud final image. Our offer for the festival, where it should really be “crazy”.


Romantic music fireworks with Bengali lighting, fountains, fire wheels, two intertwined hearts with your initials and a final fireworks display. Pure emotions that leave nothing to be desired.

Meet the Team

Our Team of Experts

The mysticism of fire, the poetry, the aesthetics, the uncanny, the wild and the brutal become palpable. On the skin, in the body, acoustically and visually. An indescribable experience that combines music, fire, performance and technology.

Manfred Weniger 


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Lukas Greb

Social Media - Pyrotechniker

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Sebastian Gießler

Disponent - Pyrotechniker 

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Marco Hentschel


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Kim Ryll

Projektleitung - Pyrotechnikerin

Martin Hagedorn



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